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Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft or Lucifer's Aching Revolver

There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves
,.,.,.,.,.-Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938), U.S. author. The Web and the Rock, ch. 28 (1939).

man's appreciation of beauty comes before gratifying his sense of taste and fulfilling his need for nourishment.

Indeed, the beautiful sights scattered throughout creation, along with man's capacity for deriving pleasure from them, are the principal means for protecting man from becoming completely debased.

the Garden of Eden was a world of truth where outward appearance naturally reflected inner being

After Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, beauty and goodness were separated. Everything beautiful was not necessarily good, and everything good was not necessarily beautiful. This deception exists until today.

We expect a country that is cultured to be humane. Likewise, a person who is beautiful we hope will act beautifully.

Most often, when the Torah mentions a beautiful person, it is referring to a person whose outer appearance reflects their inner soul.

The beauty of children is the beauty of purity of spirit; they act the way they feel without being influenced by insincerity

the secret of beauty does not lie in superficial cosmetics, but can be acquired only from within.... Only a beautiful, pure spirit, inspired by the spirit of God, can produce a physical image of angelic beauty

one of complete synchronization between external and internal, between body and soul. This kind of beauty does not fade with age, pregnancy, or weight gain. It is a beauty that is cultivated inwardly and shines forth.

We are not to become gluttonous or mistreat our bodies by overindulgence or self-mutilation. In essence, our bodies should be treated and dressed with respect, since they house what is most precious and beautiful, our souls.

Though it's true that we all have beautiful souls, some people were created objectively beautiful. Like intelligence, wealth, and strength, physical beauty is a gift.

Every gift is also a challenge. For people with the gift of physical beauty, the challenge may be to avoid getting hung up on their beauty. Often they must overcome their beauty in order to develop their inner characters. Since they are given attention for their looks, there is less motivation to develop their character. For these people, the challenge is consistency. The physical beauty they were given on the outside should reflect the spiritual beauty they need to develop on the inside.

Furthermore, as we said above, true beauty is when a beautiful soul shines forth. (This explains how some people become more beautiful the more you get to know them.) And this kind of beauty doesn't fade with time.

It is wiser to invest in what is inside, so that as we age, the beauty of our souls can shine forth from within. After all, our souls are eternally beautiful.

"They've installed super-scale Geschmeidig Panzers on
abandoned colonies and curved the beam several times.

With this system, they can hit any target freely depending
on the position and number of deflection points.

It's truly a technique of the Devil."

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