the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

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the passion


je ne sais pas
while we flirt with one another

on this still and quiet night

you only gaze at time before you

you, my traveler in the stars

my heart beating fast

as i awaken in the
fleeting morning's light

murmuring to myself,
i open the window...

and the white birds
outside laugh and play

don't run from the wind

don't fear the ocean, either

even though they
have the devil's smile

don't be hasty
with your dreams

don't give up your
love so soon

because soon you'll
see a rainbow in the sky

on i march through
the hell of my dreams


tears in my eyes, march

as the stars spin in the sky,
my song will go on


my song of tomorrow, chant

the sky above laughs
at their misdeeds

even though the sailors
have no more words to sayyyyy

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