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oh let the rain fall let the way fall oh

be careful how you touch her
you won't believe
for sleep's the only freedom that she knows

each time her slender shoulders
the weight of all her fears

fallin' in love
while i feel your love is slippin' away
but if you should fall oh i'll
be there to catch you
in phony years i could never miss you
baby i'll be there for you
but first you got to
got to (:�)
let me know

and i still love you
but i feel your love is leavin' my
don't you remember
you use to hold me
when you said you'd never leave me
woman it doesn't feel the same anymore

how deep is your love
like i am fallin'
in love
with you baby doll

la la lala
that only she can hear
and so she goes
oh oh

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