the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

and the Beautiful Lily

"What is nobler than gold?" asked the King.

"Light," replied the Dragon.

"And what is more vivid than light?" continued the Monarch.

"Speech," said the Serpent.

No sooner had the snake beheld this venerable image than the king began to speak and asked:

"Whence comest thou?"

"From the crevices where the gold dwells."

"What is more glorious than gold?" asked the king.

"Light," answered the snake.

"What is more refreshing than light?" asked the former.

"Conversation," replied the latter.

And when the Green Snake is asked by the Gold King, 'What is more quickening than light?' she replies, 'Conversation!

Brambles should be cut away,
Removing even the sprouts.
Within essence there naturally blooms
A beautiful lotus blossom.
One day there will suddenly appear
An image of light;
When you know that,
You yourself are it

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