the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

little wing (cry baby cry)


This time I am making sure I will not lose again.
You are not here, the sky is above me, and I can go to learn its meaning
I will do things like gain nice things, not forget those words,
not be afraid of those dreams close to me, and chase their meanings
I'm wounded, again and again, when I met you I learned the meaning of love.
The light knows those small wings are able to fly away

Everyone has these kinds of sad memories. You have to let them go,
you have to say the things you mean
Let go of these things, the things you say don't really exist.
Will I ever be able to love again?

I'm wounded, again and again, when I met you I learned the meaning of love.
This sky is near this place where, now is gone

I am open to new things, the new sky is always open,
and I will take that change

I feel
like I wanna run
I'll stay right here
Tags: magatama

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