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The bizarre, strange and other-worldly takes over from that which is usual, normal and run-of-the-mill. The reason? Neptune ceases its forward motion and makes a retrograde station at 23 degrees of Aquarius (6:10PM PDT).

Neptune will stay in reverse until October 31 when it will make a direction station at 20 degrees of Aquarius. All Neptune themes - imagination, psychic sensitivity, spiritual attunement, religion and esoteric philosophy, oceans and sea life, addictions, drugs and alcohol, illusions and deceptions, film and photography, socialism and international economics, escapism and invisibility - are emphasized now and over the next few days.

Be prepared to ride the emotional rollercoaster throughout much of the day. Don't be tempted by manipulative telephone operators, fast-talking retail clerks and sales-of-the-century advertising.

A Mars-Neptune 45-degree link (2:20PM PDT) can increase the odds that one or another kind of enticement may be coming your way. Work hard to stay rational, sober, logical and pragmatic while a good percentage of humanity fall victim to their own self-generated problems or the webs of intrigue spun by shysters out for a quick buck.

The Moon in Virgo may be your saving grace as it should keep you focused on household cleaning rituals, eliminating weeds from the garden or conducting library research. Romance makes a comeback this evening in concert with a harmonious Venus-Uranus trine of 120 degrees in water signs (11:42PM PDT). Be more generous with hugs and kisses.

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Tags: when love goes wrong nothing goes right

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