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-The free market is not 'natural'. It is based on the rule of law, a relatively rare feature of human societies. Anything that threatens the rule of law threatens the free market. Mass immigration of people who do not respect the rule of law in the name of the free market would actually destroy the free market. (Consider the rate at which latinos vote Democratic.)
[**this is why Warren Buffett will only invest in countries where the rule of law is evident]-[incidentally, it makes more sense to accept immigrants from countries who practice the rule of law the way we practice it here]

-Americans are not better by birth, but they are better by cultural conditioning. Cultures are not all equal, and the attitudes children are indoctrinated with from birth are a form of cultural capital.

-New research shows there are also substantial downsides to cultural diversity, The destruction of trust between neighbors is the destruction of another form of cultural capital.

,,,,,,,,-from ernunnos

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