the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

the dream key

to dream of any kind of flying machine signifies that your ambition and courage will lead you onwards to your goal

the circle symbolizes infinity, the circle of life and the eternal unknown. you, the dreamer, may have come to a greater degree of spiritual awareness, so the dream could be spiritual in nature. carl jung called all circular images a "mandala." it is one of the most important dream symbols which represent the psychic center of personality. it is symbolic of wholeness, completeness and unity of the self.

carl jung was cool. someone once asked why he did not take the psychoactive plant substance
mescaline, to which he replied that his reluctance was not a moral one. he felt that
diving into the unconscious always bestows upon us new tasks and responsibilities, and that
our dreams and intuitions bestow upon us a sufficient amplitude of assignments. he said that in
the unlikely event that he felt he had completed all that his unconscious had already assigned
him, then he would take psychoactive plant sacraments.

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