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America’s gumption is its biggest contribution to the human race


being they have had the slave reparation “you owe me even though I personally did not go through it” mentality brainwashed into their heads by the liberals.

Look at Oprah. She would rather go build a school in Africa rather than build a school in the country, let alone her very own city, that has made her a billionaire.

,,,,,,,,,, The only thing that will change the state of the African-American people are themselves. When the group as a whole decide to take responsibility for themselves and their own lives, just like many African American individuals have, then the group as a whole will progress.

Truth can be Sicko
,,,,,,,,,,This article is uncomfortable but makes sense. I’ve been doing construction work in a white poor area of Montreal for over 15 years. Young men of second generation welfare actually believe welfare is a birthright. I’m not talking about all Canadians but the ones used to that check. At twenty years old they sit around each month waiting for that check to arrive. I can get them to work but I have to accept a spoiled worker. Jobs are not that important to them, only gives them the cash for extra desires, drugs and booze. They show up late, or sometimes don’t show up at all because of that government check that comes whether they work or not. They are spoiled rotten by a so called caring system.
The hospitals are in dire straights, you have to spend hours in emergency room before you even see a doctor. Spoiled people flood the system with common colds.
,,,,,,,,,,The Canadians are like Mid-East Arabs in a way. A land gifted with so much natural resources they can play at life. Those who never go on welfare are hard workers and get ahead, not spoiled by the welfare candy which rots initiative. They are lucky to live next to America it gives them ambition for the extra comfort of things that a pay check brings. A little greed is a good thing. Too much of anything is no good. I’m starting to believe if it wasn’t for the ambition and creativity and desire of Americans to create goodies the world would be suffering a lot more than it is now. It is not the food America exports it is the gumption it exports and imports. America’s gumption is its biggest contribution to the human race. America has to be made aware that a government that receives and expects too much in taxes becomes as spoiled and corrupted as a second generation welfare person. When an individual family becomes rich they can only spoil themselves, a rich government can spoil and rot all.

Of course, we can’t forget about abortion. Like most black Americans, the Republican Party is staunchly opposed to abortion. But, Democrats don’t see it that way – and don’t kid yourself, part of the reason why Democrats are so rabidly pro-abortion is because they believe it helps lower the number of black Americans. Today, they won’t come out and say that, but Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was never so circumspect about her motives. From La Shawn Barber, ”More controversial is Sanger’s ‘Negro Project,’ devised in 1939. The eugenicist set out to implicate black ministers and doctors in her efforts to spread her message of contraception, sterilization, and abortion in the black community. ‘The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it occurs to any of their more rebellious members,’ she wrote.”

Top Gun Secret Super Secret Squirrel info.
a true statement, but very misleading. The number of welfare recipients are higher for whites simply because there are more whites. Here are the facts.

While blacks comprise 15% of the US population, they make up 38% of the total welfare roll. Whites make up the same percentage of the welfare roll, about 38%. However, whites comprise 80% of the population. If you pull out your calculator, you will find that blacks are five times more likely to collect welfare than whites.

Poverty has alot to do with the large percentage of blacks taking welfare. But, let’s get back to the meat of this article. Hawkins is saying that the Democrats are pulling the wool over the eyes of the black community. As you pointed out, majority of blacks still vote Democrat, although the Dems have done very little to improve the lives of blacks, and in many cases, are actually preventing blacks from upward mobility. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, are blacks better now than they were ten years ago? For a few, yes. But, for the majority of blacks, their loyalty to the Democrat Party got them nowhere.

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