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Wild West (or the lolz)

-Republicans actually nominate/appoint people like Thurgod Marshall, Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, and Condoleeza Rice.

-Owlgore talks a lot about global warming while he himself is likely the biggest "contributor" to the "problem", with his one-month electric bill equaling the average American's annual bill. And Bush's house in texas is very environmentally friendly.

-John Edwards talks about two Americas, then clear cuts property the size of new Hampshire for his house, which is the size of Rhode Island. And he flies a hairdresser 1500 miles (using fossil fuels?) to cut his precious hair.

-Michael Moore complains about discrimination, but won't hire any blacks himself.

-Clinton talks about women's rights, then rapes and/or gropes every woman he sees (except maybe Janet reno, and of course Hillary). And he wanted his cabinet to "look like America", which it did, if America was comprised only of white millionaires.

-Republicans shun David Duke, while Democrats welcome Robert "every bridge in W. Virginia is named after me" Byrd with open arms.

But hey, democrats, it's the thought that counts. No need to back your words up with any actions. (like this noam chomsky cockhumming evan)
| (more cocksucking chomsky lolz)
**However, it should be noted that Chomsky's books are riddled with factual inaccuracies [9]

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