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Any black voter who turns his life over to the Democrat Party because of the word "conservative" is an idiot who deserves the "representation" he gets!

As for your historical 'analysis', it is you who is off the mark! The modern GOP is directly descended from the party started in the late 1850s to stand against slavery; the same Party that elected Abraham Lincoln elected Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. The Democratic Party is the same Democrat Party that stood firm against abolition, fought a war to preserve slavery, stood against the Civil Rights movement, and dreamed up the whole Great Society scam---after first giving us the government expanding New Deal! This same Democrat Party elected Woodrow Wilson, lionized Sheets Byrd as the "conscience of the Senate", and elected Bill Clinton who awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to his hero---an unreconstructed segregationist named J. William Fulbright! That IS the history of your beloved Democratic Party, whether you like it or not.

Don't even try to come here with your same old revisionist history, lame "Southern strategy" talking points, and the old canard about how all the 50s and 60s Democrats all joined the GOP. To paraphrase Jay-Z: You can't sell us that bullsh*t because we already know the prices. Those tired arguments have been tried here before and dismantled---that's why nobody reacts to them.

And if you really want to get into when the parties began to shift, it was not in the 1960s as you try to suggest. It was actually in the 1930s under the control of FDR and his cronies that the Democratic Party began to change; up until that point it had been pretty customary to hear Republicans called radicals, and it was Republican presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, that were interested in expanding the powers of the federal government, especially the Executive branch. The Democrats, on the other hand, were the Party that favored less government intervention, wanted the US to stay out of foreign entanglements of all kinds, and opposed the Roosevelt era government growth.

With the coming of the Depression, the Democrats in the Executive branch (FDR) felt that it was the responsibility of the central government in Washington, DC to do something to pull the nation out of the Depression. So you saw an unprecedented expansion of government programs like the WPA, CCC, the introduction of unemployment benefits, and the creation of the SSI to help combat the Depression and give some relief to those suffering through it. At that point the GOP began to move towards a smaller government ideal, as evidenced by their repeated stands against the big government schemes of the FDR administration. That is when the two parties began to morph into the parties we recognize today, with the Party platforms that identify each---not in the 1960s!

I hope that I have straightened out your historical misconceptions---and you're welcome for the free history lesson!

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