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that old house of god

_-_-Uranus at this ambitious angle can bring a variety of opposite effects.
It can intensify the ambition or will to succeed at all costs, or it can turn it
around, creating disdain for worldly ambition. Sometimes it brings spiritual ambition,
an eagerness to penetrate the mysteries of life and death and be ready for the next
world. The emotional isolation can be very great at this angle and good aspects below
the horizon, planets in water signs, and a good Moon and Venus are necessary to create a warm home life and stable friendships.
-_-_There may be sorrow or coldness at home in childhood or youth. The family may
break up or move away from familiar surroundings. There is a tendency for them to
leave home early or to be forced out on their own before they are ready, and as they
tend to lack the inner resources to reestablish quickly and easily, this remains a
lasting grievance. They are inclined to maintain a cool or lofty pose, which makes it
even more difficult for them to ask for help.
__--This position brings deep political insight which can manifest in many ways,
causing some to become political geniuses, able to mastermind large scale social
movements for the benefit of mankind, and some into coldblooded manipulators for the
benefit of no one but themselves, and (few, luckily) into paranoid monsters who
manipulate others for the thrill of seeing them destroyed. Some will have experienced
from childhood the limits of human ambition and social manipulation, and so will
retreat from the world, renouncing all personal claims and social ambition. It brings
a cynical attitude towards the motivations of others, an inclination to suspect the
worst, or even a paranoid inability to see anything but personal ambition and cold
manipulation in all actions of others.
--__It gives courage that can become recklessness, a tendency to gamble with things
that others would hold too dear to risk. Lots of love in childhood helps to ease the
difficulties this position brings later.

====all external and internal means of reaching beyond the ordinary confines of existence
to bring home fascinating and unusual truths about faraway places and that clockwork orange
we call the universe.

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