the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

nu-liberal mantra: "But you are right, we are idiots and we are fat."

The problem with uneducated liberals is they have no perspective ... only invective.
The clown chants impeach Bush, but never even wonders why there is no impeachment. From his limited almost retarded view Bush is clearly guilty of impeachable crimes. After all, liberals did destroy our standing in the world when they said the abuse at Abu Grabe went all the way to the top. So, why not prove it and impeach Bush?
Liberals did great damage to our nation when they lied and said Bush manipulated intelligence and lied us into war. So, why not prove it and impeach Bush?
Why, because liberals did all the lying and the last thing they want are hearings that prove it.

[COMMERCIAL: -owl gore's opinion on global warming, clinton wags finger about 'forgettable' blowjob-]

The proof is right in front of your crossed eyes. If Bush is guilty of impeachable crimes, why are liberals only interested in investigating the firing of Federal prosecutors that serve at the pleasure of the president?
I guess it doesn't take a good lie to convince liberals ... all it takes is the lie.
Imagine an American political party that needs American defeat to prosper ... then vote accordingly.

The problem is liberals are too damn stupid to see what's really going on here. What happens is liberals traded our nation's good name for power. They lied and prospered from it, mainly because their drones are either morons or lunatics.
Smoke em' lol
or go bowling
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