the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

keep away from your laser printers

........With most countries banning smoking in public places, the hype around passive smoking may take a backseat once people start realizing that their printers may be just as dangerous. According to a study done by Lidia Morawska, a Queensland University of Technology professor, the laser printer emit clouds of ultra-fine particles that she compared with cigarette smoke and motor vehicle emissions.

The particles are so fine that you cannot see them. Although the team has to still complete the chemical impact and analysis, she says that such small particles "can get deep into the lungs", leading to respiratory and cardiovascular problems and some particles were potential carcinogens. Of the 40 models of laser printers that her team had tested, 13 were "high emitters" of particles from the toner.

When the researches had undertaken a project to study the efficiency of office air ventilation and filtration systems, they discovered the laser printer emissions. They discovered concentrations of microscopic particles five times higher than outdoor levels often produced by traffic.

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