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islam(ick) private lessons


After the rumor of a Quran down the toilet in Guantanamo was irresponsibly spread, a mob in Afghanistan burned down an ancient library that (as President Hamid Karzai pointed out dryly) contained several ancient copies of the same book.

"traditional Islam" and "radical Islam" are THE SAME. Newsflash: The Koran never changes! The false "prophet" (not a prophet) Mohammed had all Jewish males in Medina who would not convert to Islam, beheaded. Ditto Christians and anyone who mocked him, such as poets and intellectuals. YES, MOHAMMED WAS A TERRORIST. HE TERRORIZED ALL PEOPLES WHO WOULD NOT CONVERT TO ISLAM - HISTORICAL FACT.

And yes, the Koran is a Murder Book. The primary theme of the Koran, found in 109 "War Verses" is "Slay the Infidel wherever you find him," i.e. anyone not Islamic. That's fact - read the Koran, why don't you? It's easy - a slim volume filled with plagiarisms from Judaism and Christianity with lots of repetitions to give it "bulk." Islam is a heresy of Christianity, and Mohammed the 7th century illiterate Murderer Warlord is a heresiarch. Islam perverts Christian doctrine, and then becomes a Murder Guide by commanding that all "Infidels" be slaughtered. Oh, and the second primary theme of the Koran is "Obey "Allah" (doesn't exist, btw) and his apostle (Mo) or you're going straight to hell." No mercy, no compassion, no forgiveness. The third despicable theme in the Koran is that Murderers of Infidels will be called "martyrs" and will be rewarded for their murdering with the bordello paradise! LOL! Mohammed the bamboozling flim-flam warlord man sure took in a lot of suckers! But, you see, he'd kill 'em if they didn't see things his way! Yep, spread his "faith" by the sword
Read the following verses in the quran:
4.34 women are inferior , flog them if they speak up
8.39 wage war till islam rules the planet
9.5 kill the unbelievers
5.52 never trust a Jew or make friends with a Xtian
Another ugly truth the Muslim community has ignored is the increased rape of "infidel" women in Sweden. I have not heard a Muslim outcry on this hideous truth.(
[if you're a Liberal, Sweden is the ideal society for you
so start saving your moolah to move there]

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