the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

all observeable phenomena

and you can only refute by outliers
........supported the War on Iraq, and criticized the Libertarian party for perceived isolationism in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks;[20] he said that the Western world should embark on an "imperialist" military campaign to "civilize" the Muslim world. He acknowledged that some might call this plan "deliberate cultural genocide."[21]

Other controversial opinions he has proffered include that African-Americans are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of crimes because they have lower IQs,[22], and that "pederasty has never been a marked or unusual behavior among homosexuals, and even advocates of outright pedophilia are not shunned in the homosexual-activist community".[23]

the liberal umbrella can only cover so much until it does the "Ouroboros"
also if there were more asians, aussies, russians, jews, italians, the irish, germans, canadians, or the french
do you think we'd have a disproportionate percentage of crimes pointing to them?
what cards are you playing now?
do you know that there were portable mp3 players w/ fm before your dumb ipod ass?
are you a comedian?
do you miss the motherland?
you don't have television too?

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