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the Giuliani katana

slash slash
any presidential hopeful's 'intelligence' will
be scarred in confrontation with Giuliani
slash slash

_________ I disagree with the journalist's interpretation of his words. To some degree, there is truth. What I honestly believe the man meant is this: people need to govern themselves and act lawfully, and think about what they do. That's what authorities are there for (police, government, etc.) to oversee that people are doing what they should. Go look at the statistics from 1960 and on- once everyone cried "freedom" (legalizing abortion, gay rights movement, pornography, etc.) our school system degraded, teen pregnancy rate increased, crime increased and many other statistics have followed negative trends.
To summarize a quote; Liberty is freedom, living by the law and being self-disciplined. License is defined as "excess and lawlessness."
Our country lives by license now, and still cry "Freedom! Liberty!" What most people are really crying out for is anarchy.
I think you should read the Rudy quote again and instead of interpreting it the way YOU want it to sound, you should consider the MANY other possible interpretations and be open-minded to them. -AOL

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