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"I've kept a sign on my desk ever since I became Mayor with two words on it: I'm Responsible.

When I proposed my first tax cut, it was a controversial idea. That's because in a city ruled by liberal Democrats, tax cuts were never thought of as a way to solve the city's fiscal problems. When I took office, registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans 5 to 1 throughout the city, and in the City Council, Republicans were outnumbered 44 to 7. Previous administrations thought the only way to turn the city's economy around was through higher taxes and increased spending. I knew those were bad policy that undercut personal initiative and entrepreneurship.

The key to limited government and fiscal conservatism isn't just cutting taxes. To energize an economy, government also has to control spending. That's why I required all department and agency heads to present 5 to 10% cuts in their budgets every year. When an agency wanted money for a new project or program, I told them -if they could find half the money by trimming their own budget or making the agency more efficient-, then I would work with them to provide the other half of their request.

We also looked for government-owned properties that the private sector could better manage. You might be shocked to find out that when I became mayor, the city owned a radio station, a television station, parking lots and a number of other endeavors that weren't within the sphere of the government's proper role. So I did what any good capitalist would do: I sold them off." ___--Rudolph Giuliani


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