the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

A Michael Moore production?

"The extent to which lawlessness simmers beneath the surface of American life is not appreciated by many Americans. It is masked by nothing more than a plentiful supply of TV sport and fried chicken.

Katrina made New Orleans look like Mogadishu and its effects are still being felt. Al-Qaeda doesn't need to destroy America. We'll do it ourselves. All it needs to do is temporarily disrupt our gasoline supply or damage a few powerplants so we have no air conditioning and our "it's all about me" society will take it from there.

[New Orleans was Mogadishu long before Katrina ever hit. There were some unique qualities to NO both in the people and the utterly corrupt government that simply won’t be repeated everywhere else.]

Yep — and it’s not just the ghetto tribes that we have to worry about. There are trailer parks and old apartment buildings full of lily-white psychopaths that are every bit as dangerous to civilized people as are the homeboys from the ‘hood. They kill each other frequently enough now, but are kept in check by liberal doses of police brutality; imagine what would happen if these tribes of shirtless, meth-lab running, pit-bull-owning feral humans saw the opportunity to go on the rampage without worrying about Johnny Law kicking their asses. They tend to have lots of guns, too...

And then there are the barrios...

Running to the country is no solution. That’s where the trailer parks are. In a city -you’ve got neighbors to cover the other end of the block if everything goes to hell; look at the way Koreatown in LA became a fortress during the Rodney King Riots. In town, you also have a better chance of blending in to the crowd and avoiding the attention of the predators. In an isolated country house, on the other hand, you are nothing but a big fat WELL ARMED & SUPPLIED target — and the sherriff and his boys are a long way away...

True but I recall W.W.II and by golly we survived with those restrictions -- and the enemy was thousands of miles away. I think that our total civilian casualties in W.W.II was about what we've suffered so far in this war. All but a couple over there some place, mostly in the Pacific I believe.

The enemy is among us this time what the hell do you want government to do?

I personally doubt that the Second Amendment will be suspended -- the enemy and his toadies are well known and they'll be sent off to camp for the duration. Good. Many more may follow depending upon whether or not the first roundup stops the killings.

The war will be here, how can anyone expect no impact on our day-to-day lives?

PC restrictions will guarantee our defeat if we try to keep on keepin' on.

If it's a Rat Party (formerly the traditional, patriotic Democratic Party) president then we may be considered their enemy within. I'm counting on our military and most elements of LE to ignore the Rats and do the right thing.

It's temporary.

If you haven't done so yet, go back and watch the first three Star Wars movies (the last three released chronologically). Emperor Palpatine is representative of the Bush wing of Republicanism. The DNC and their cronies are like Count Dooku. The conservative patriots left in this country are like the Jedi... where, in the timeline of the first three Star Wars movies are we as a nation?

Armed citizens are the base of power in America during emergencies. An example is the fact that while the national Guard was not on site, and they were not issued ammo when they first arrived in Homestead, FL, Homestead had no significant looting after Hurricane Andrew.

Homestead citizens were armed. A van or two of wanna be looters went back to Miami full of holes and that stopped the trash/looters."



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