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Sign of contradiction


Yudina has the distinction of being Joseph Stalin's favorite pianist. Legend has it that one night, Stalin heard a performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 on the radio performed by Yudina and asked for a copy. It was a live broadcast so officials woke up Yudina, drove her to a recording studio where a small orchestra had quickly been assembled, and made her record the concerto in the middle of the night, then presented the recording to Stalin. It is said that he broke out in tears after hearing only the first notes of Yudina's playing. Despite the recognition from Stalin the pianist remained an uncompromising critic of the Soviet regime until the end of her days. She died in Moscow.

Yudina's playing was marked by great virtuosity, spirituality, an almost masculine strength and intellectual rigor. However, her playing was also very individual in style and tone.

The Church has been attacked as an organization which is against science. However, Woods states that the first person to measure the rate of acceleration of a freely falling body was Father Giambattista Riccioli. Father Nicholas Steno is considered the father of geology.[2]The father of Egyptology was Father Athanasius Kircher, and the man often cited as the father of atomic theory was Father Roger Boscovich. Gregor Mendel, an Augustinian abbot, is known as the father of modern genetics. And Msgr. Georges LeMaitre, S.J. (1894-1966) set forth the "Big Bang" theory in 1927. The Society of Jesus brought Western science all over the world through their missions, and in the 20th century they so dominated the study of earthquakes that seismology became known as "the Jesuit science."

According to the Vajrayana tradition [5], at certain times during sex, death, meditation and dreaming and at other liminal [6] states, the bodymind [7] is in a very subtle state which can be used by advanced practitioners to transform the mindstream

Soviet space

Was the word ever uttered? And then - if yes -
in what language? And where? And how much ice
should be thrown into a glass to halt a Titanic
of thought? Does the whole recall the neat shapes of parts?
Would a botanist, suddenly facing birds
in an aquarium, panic?

Now let us imagine an absolute emptiness.
A place without time. The air per se. In this,
in that, and in the third direction - pure, simple, pallid
air. A mecca of it: oxygen, nitrogen. In which
there's really nothing except for the rapid twitch-
ing of a lonely eyelid.

These are the notes of a naturalist. The naughts
on nature's own list. Stained with flowerpots.
A tear falls in a vaccum without acceleration.
The last of hotbed neu-roses, hearing the
faint buzzing of time's tsetse,
I smell increasingly of isolation.

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