the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

the dreams we race

Any doubts about Bethune's commitment were dispelled when it emerged that he recently had liposuction and converted the extracted fat into biodiesel. However before you think that cosmetic surgery might save the planet, it only produced 100ml of fuel.

I was laughing at one of the messages when I got a taste of what life on the high seas might be like. We hit a wave - minuscule by Earthrace standards, but enough for the boat suddenly to dive under water, defying all the logic of a normal vessel. Water roared overhead, the windscreen was totally submerged and for a split-second we were engulfed in darkness. Bethune wore a maniacal grin while guests first yelped, then giggled with relief as the boat emerged back into sunshine.
one-point elixir field


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