the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

bicycles & subterranean intercontinental bullet trains (subwayful of cultured mushrooms)

On the basis of these experiments scientists compiled a peculiar calendar, which men can use in their relations with the opposite sex. The only difficulty is that men should possess enough information about women whose behavior they want
 to predict

From the first till the seventh day of the cycle:

Women experience slight problems with understanding other people and prefer to simply smile back. The ability to express thoughts weakens. Women become dreamy and emotional.

From the eighth to the fourteenth day:

Women grow wiser and prettier, but become emotionally unbalanced at the same time. They make scathing remarks about other women, but are favorably concerned with men.

From the fifteenth to the eighteenth day:

This is a period of extreme suspiciousness and jealousy. The organism demands more sex and scandals. Mental capacity decreases. Skin becomes more sensitive to caress.

From the nineteenth to the twenty-second day:

Mental capacity fades away. Problems with memory are possible. Women become extremely confiding. Their color sensing is quite OK: all presented bouquets of flowers would be appreciated.

A good friend of mine who was into financial risk consulting once said
 that the value of everything and anything would change or cease
 if someone ever figured out how to make fuel out of water  
(something so easily accessible).
my most fervent wish is for OPEC to eat oil

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