the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
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"We didn't even know they were Jewish at the time,"

victims know how to pose for the money shot lol 
Hassan Askari after clash on Q train."They grabbed me, punched me," he said,
 explaining that he never got the chance
 to use his martial arts chops. "I was pretty disoriented."

Maria Parsheva, above, with boyfriend Walter Adler, says they have no doubt the attack was religiously motivated. "They said, 'You dirty Jews, you killed Jesus on Chanukah, you should all die.'" Jirovec, Babajko and most of the others were charged with assault. The gang could face hate crime charges stemming from the fight on the Q train, but Jirovec denied it was anti-Semitic. Above, two of the victims with the good samaritan.


A group of thugs, including Joseph Jirovec, at left, and Kimberly Babajko, allegedly attacked riders on a Q train for celebrating Chanukah. Babajko (l.) also wields a gun.Joseph Jirovec holds a gun on Kimberly Babajko in MySpace picture. Both are charged in vicious attack on Q train.

"'You can't say that, we are Catholic,'" said Krischanovich,a Hunter College student.
 "That's when two guys stood up and showed us their Jesus tattoos," she said.
 "They started yelling at us and telling us we have no savior."
"Whats good Yea, I kind of heard about this and i heard the jewish kids were mad disrespectful and deserved it for mouthing off.
 I havent chilled with these guys in yrs, but i remeber them around Madison back in the day.
 I saw the pics in lol 
Pic 2 that girl Irina there, lost her # though.
 listen is Joseph Jorevic that ***** Kaze?? 
lol Carl was there tooo haha. ma *****
   "   (-a reader comment *)

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