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And despite all that, God's word prevailed. Praise Jesus.

It isn’t a Catholic problem. It is a societal problem. Priests, or any clergy who have molested are held up by the media because they are expected to be above sin. Please take your Catholic bashing elsewhere.

The marriage comment was intended as sarcasm. Married teachers have obviously preyed upon children. The fact is there are perverts who seek places where they are in a position of trust and have easy access to children. Some become Priests. Some become Teachers. John Wayne Gacey (sp?) was a Clown.

I will not condemn every Priest, Teacher and Clown based upon the behavior of a few. Yes, schools, courts and dioceses have failed to adequately prosecute.

I turned away from the Catholic Church long ago. Later I discovered Bible based Christianity (without the Missal and the Mass). When I really read God’s Word I felt angry at the Church. After much time and much prayer I let go of my anger and felt a lot of chains fall from my soul.

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