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\ (a slice of americana)


auld clootie can tell one is inclined to be a liberal just by listening to his gay voice
or maybe the mannerisms(pinched intonation) are acquired from kinky dem saturation

[an aspect of real genius though in the natal chart -mercury in aquarius square uranus in scorpio (2 degree orb)] very cutting -rule breaking
exalted placements under great tension for </a></b></a>brad -enormous sacrifices
if </a></b></a>feignedapathy 's orb were closer, he could have easily trumped it with mercury conjunct uranus in scorpio [like a swift sword]
as it is he loves the violin during a lightning storm
(very spirited occult mars conjunct neptune in sagittarius, lots of creative fire)-in late life
contrast with uranus in scorpio rising for </a></b></a>bravoure sun in libra (a literary great)
a curious combo is to be born a scorpio in the year of the rat
will be a natural soothsayer like humorous </a></b></a>ernunnos

did you compare your penis to the Pride of San Fran today?


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