the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

liberal credit-worthiness have cost us 7.7 trillion dollars since October




If you don't recognize it, Keillor is playing that parlor game, wildly popular at Manhattan cocktail parties, "One Degree of George Bush." That's when you take any piece of bad news occurring anywhere on earth and link it directly to Bush. 

Which brings us to a fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives want the freedom to pursue happiness on their own terms. Liberals think they have a right to happiness and that it should be delivered, like a pizza.

When you understand this, you understand why the liberal version of the American dream -- no worries, free health care and a guaranteed income, among other things -- would be like living in your parents' basement, for life.

Put another way, modern liberalism is exactly like modern art: Ordinary people take one look and say, "Blech," while its elite defenders say, "You don't understand -- this is better than it looks."


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