the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

he hacked our eyes?

"there's two kinds of trust: keeping secrets, and keeping promises."


"the human body is a machine which winds its own springs.
it is the living image of perpetual movement."
-julien offray de la mettrie

"god... ever... geometrizes..." -plato

that was a virtual experience maze. you got hacked by the AI.

just as good luck happens three times, bad luck also gives three signs.

you don't see because you don't want to. even if you realize,
you won't admit it. if someone tells you, you won't listen.

if you overlook the first sign, that's the end

the one who is trying to deceive gets easily deceived

and also, i have a guardian angel

that was the angel's voice

i hear a whisper... in my ghost

humans are merely the material from which the dream called "life" is weaved;

and even "ghosts"...

if they were cracks or distortions in the uniform matrix of reality...

are you sure we are back to the physical reality?

it's impossible to know you're in a dream when you're dreaming

would you want to wake up from that dream? if reality has no breathing room?

if there was no sign, i would have certainly never escaped

if you want to search for evidence that you exist,
there are ways as many as there are ghosts

the holy spirit has arrived

"some look into a mirror and don't look[see?] evil."    "it doesn't reflect evil, but create it."
"namely, you should look down on mirrors; don't look into it." -ryokuu saitou


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