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enslaving stuff black people do only happen in Egypt


obama was easily duped by 'Reverend' wRight (therefore he is stupid?)

obama easily becomes president

is then easily duped by iran, china, the soviets -invests in the euro

BUT obama is   not   stupid

therefore, obama is a liar

did you follow this?

oh wait you're just a homosexual who loves the urge, cockatoobutt

vote for  ^change^~ |>

tired of  pussy? -shove it in the butt! ] hope of unimaginable pleasure

predisposing genetic factor wins... love always

The Corinthians *kiss* 

did you know obama's wife's salary tripled after he got elected senator? from a non-profit even*
dat's deserved & reserved Negro Privilege™ you guilty damnable dumb white trash folks will never get
not in this lifetime lolz 4:20

Sen. OBama (D. Ill.) - "My poor wife was only making $120k per year until she got the respect she deserved...and got a living wage of $316k. Now, to some folks that may sound like a lot of money...but not to me..."
michelle obama is so alone in her frustration
 & disappointment in America

[*a non-profit organization doesn't mean the worker from janitor to CEO do not get a salary and in the case of the Red Cross - the CEO there earned $651,000 in 2003]

dénouement of obama  [if anything  -rap music & ebonics  kept kids dumb]  but still the white folks' fault! 
did you notice your vocabulary stayed the same or got worse after [re]reading all those dumb volumes of harry potter, dumbledore? 
the 'holocausted' jews wrote some of the best literature in english, not yiddish
so what the fuck, mexicans, why can't you integrate nicely with our phone prompts? what is your excuse to PRESS [2]? 
There are Italian restaurants and Irish bars
& Russian Бардак -explains everything about the differences among ethnic groups 
Бархотка  Блядун  Бубенцы Буфера 
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