May 18th, 2002

A King's Question . . ._____A Poet's Answer . . .

When the renowned Italian poet Torquato Tasso came to Paris, King Charles IX
of France asked him, "Who in your estimation is the happiest?"
        "God," replied Tasso.
        "Yes,--but who, among men, is the happiest?" further asked the King.
        "[S]He who is most like unto God," answered the poet.
        "In what respect are we most like unto God?" again inquired the King. "Is it in
power and dominion, or in wealth and beneficence?"
        "In virtue," was Tasso's answer.

"that soul which loves does great things
and thinks them small, does many things
and thinks them few; labors long and thinks
it too short."

Time and again love will be tested.

        "I once heard a retreatmaster say that
one hundred bad boys could not cause a
good girl to sin but one girl alone could
lead a hundred good boys to ruin."

Do you understand now, dear young lady, why so much is asked of you, women?

uh, by the way, cheer up :)
the sun is up
you're the sun
and a shyness that is criminally vulgar~

of nothing in particular
how could you say
i go about things the wrong way :)

i love you blu blu blu