February 25th, 2004

I-it I-you-they I-all-of-you

      Please note that once the symbol-mongering organism has a
world, he must place himself in this world. He has no choice. He
cannot do it. If he refuses to make a choice, then he will
experience himself placed in this world as one who has not made
a choice. He is not like a dog or a cat who, when deprived of all
stimuli, goes to sleep. Unlike an organism in an environment, a
man in a world has the unique capacity for being delighted with
the world and himself and his place in the world, or being bored
with it, anxious about it, or depressed about it. He can exploit it,
celebrate it, be a stranger in it, or be at home in it. He has,
moreover, the perverse capacity for getting things backwards and
upside down. He, of all creatures, is capable of feeling good during
hurricanes and sad on ordinary Wednesday afternoons.