November 4th, 2004

blue light


canadian women are becoming asexual because of these canadian men
liberals should move to canada and, like the early US settlers, start treating canadians like indians
well the mountains are good for geothermal power plants, and canada needs more mounties
so who has the balls to really move
or stay here get eager for the work ahead
canada should be cultivated like a red-light district of sorts
a drug user's disneyland and homosexual haven

Growing old is no gradual decline, but a series of tumbles, full of sorrow, from one ledge to another. Yet when we pick ourselves up we find no bones are broken; while not unpleasing is the new terrace which stretches out unexplored before us
-Logan Pearsall Smith (1865-1946), U.S. essayist, aphorist. All Trivia, "Last Words" (1933).

i am Unicron

but this is for you

Tired of feeling all by myself
Being so different
From everyone else
Somehow you knew
I needed your help
Be my friend forever

I never found
My star in the night
Feeling my dream was
Far from my sight
You came along and
I saw the light
We'll be friends forever

I can't face the
Thought of you leaving
So take me along
I swear I'll be strong
If you take me
Wherever you go
I wanna learn the things
That you know

Now that you
Made me believe
I want you to take me
'Cause I long to be
able To see
the things That you see
know that whatever you do
I'll follow you

Somebody must have
Sent you to me
What do I have
You could possibly need
All I can give is my guarantee
We'll be friends forever