December 25th, 2004

If you think you can find the passion

and you're ready to take the chance,
If you really believe you can make it
then a Power is in your own hands

Once in your life, you make a choice, ready to risk it all.
Deep in your soul, you hear a voice, answering to the call.
Though you know that it won't be easy,
it's a promise you make for love,
for the people that keep on believing,
and the One that you're thinkin of.

When you're alone, you ask yourself
what are you searching for?
Deep in the night, a dream is born
one that you can't ignore.

It's the moment of truth you're giving it all,
standing alone willing to fall.
If you can do it, get up and prove it,
get up and show them who you are.
It's the moment of truth, it's all on the line,
this is the place, this is the time,
waiting forever, it's now or it's never, nothing can stop you now.