January 26th, 2008

from penner

"Lovenstein Institute's report on presidential IQ's is based on estimates arrived at through study of various life achievements and psychological factors.


Bill Clinton's rating of 182 seems a bit high, although he was born only a few days apart from Marilyn Vos Savant who had the highest recorded female IQ of 186.

Bill's IQ is probably closer to 140, Mensa level, but only just. Hillary's is about the same.
minimum IQ is 148 in England, lower in North America, of course.

G W Bush, in spite of being a complete incompetent, is personally intelligent. His combined SAT score of 1206 would translate to about 125, not high enough for Mensa but a respectable showing.

The only president ever to release his recorded IQ is that other monumental incompetent, Jimmy Carter, whose IQ of 176 dwarfs that of Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. Carter should have stuck to nuclear physics."

"I have often thought that Pluto rising causes a psychological "blind spot" so to speak, an inability to get out of your own way. It has a sense of being in the eye of the storm created by the person themselves, and will occasionally produce the solipsist (I hardly ever get to work that word into a sentence), who thinks the world revolves around him. It always seems to focus on massive dramatic epochs in the life.

Lincoln was the other President with this position. More modern examples of Pluto rising are Britney Spears, Lee Harvey Oswald, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the Kray twins, Christopher Reeve, and the Dalai Lama.

It is not essentially a bad position, but in the charts of someone with poor judgment causes rack and ruin because it exaggerates everything, and small mistakes turn into major blunders.

Of course with Leo there is always a danger of egotism, but I don't think anyone has measured the degree of his self-absorption, but most of the astrologers in this forum are Left-Wing politically and couldn't stand the idea of Bush winning

Mercury Conjunction Pluto in itself is not an evil aspect (if you concede that the Conjunction is actually an aspect, which some modern writers do not). Rising, and in Leo, it is the ability to be heard far and wide, a funny, witty and sometimes profound view of the world. It always has a unique viewpoint. Bill Clinton had this aspect also.
So I believe many of those, including yourself, who predicted that Bush would be defeated were really responding to your political DESIRE that he would be defeated.

I was contrarian because I knew Bush would win, not because I'm a Republican, which I'm not. Though it did bother me a little that so many people were unable to see past their Left-Wing filter."

spiritual-unfolding by wayne (scorp ascendant)

 because everything is already within us like a flower just waiting to bloom.

These are the signs I have seen so far.

When your life is together and you are on the right track:

You never feel lonely.  You don’t seek out others to fill up some inner emptiness.  Others ask your advice and your opinion.  You avoid your ego as much as you can see it.  Animals and young children always are delighted to see you.
Even if you get into an argument, which is rare, it is quickly resolved and then forgotten.  You never hold a grudge.  You avoid instinctively destructive, or  bitter and unhappy people and you don’t invite them into your life, but you forgive others quickly and entirely.

Machinery and equipment works for you – your car always starts, you never have a hard-drive crash - your stuff seems to last forever.     

You are not concerned about money or status and you always have sufficient for the day.  You are continually given opportunities - people offer you employment without you asking.

You laugh a lot, you sing and dance a lot, and you are spontaneous and always join in. You delight in seeing others enjoy themselves.  You are self-reliant and do not depend on others for happiness or approval.

You don’t care about the weather.

You don’t take drugs of any kind because they are meaningless to you.  Your physical health is always excellent.  You are never stressed out.  You don’t worry and you don’t complain.  You die at the right time.

You do good deeds in secret and you are always kind and compassionate.  You are sometimes over-generous because it’s right at that time.

These I think are some of the signs of progress in " 

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