August 24th, 2008

ignorant people um & uh solar panels

Grid Tie-in systems. To get just a 3000 watt setup is going to cost in excess of $20K. [&  it appears that there is always some vital piece of equipment that isn't included in the kits that must be purchased separately]

APS is doing loans for tie-in systems, about $180 per month for 10 years. There's an article about it in the Repugnant.

yes, democrats want to pay $180 per month  to eat up that 3k you're SAVING something um wait how much are you paying for electric bills per month now? uh limited to 3000 watts? sushi & thinking???

SOLAR PANELS.......looks good on your roof.....but it says something about the owner's obama-brain [soft pussy like um uh] your body should be used as compost layer for nuclear waste disposed to outer space --