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typical crime by a typical idiot ......(vote Obama, btw)

oh and the MTA is being run by the left tail of The Bell Curve (typical typical ya'll)
congestion, increased fare, harlem stations typically smell because a typical race enjoys leaving their typical signature
piss yo (but...he tried to save him)

liberal monks are the key 

however, we recognize this charge as the keystone of the Marxist interpretation of the history of science. 
5. The g factor correlates with a number of biological factors like height, myopia, lightness of hair and eyes, and an inability to taste phenylthiocarbamide (please don't ask me to tell you what that means; I don't even know how it tastes). It is linked to a sense of humor, creativity, memory, supermarket shopping, and talking speed. 
This g factor is also inversely related to criminality, welfare dependency, social conservatism, dogmatism, impulsivity, truancy, smoking, untruthfulness, and obesity. 
9. Men and women are of equal intelligence. Numerous studies and analysis show no measurable difference in their g (although black women are smarter than black men by some 3 points). Men are better at visuospatial and mathematical tasks, while women are better verbally and with short term memory. 

But you who are strong and swift, see that you do not limp before the lame, deeming it kindness.

You are good in countless ways, and you are not evil when you are not good,

You are only loitering and sluggard.

Pity that the stags cannot teach swiftness to the turtles.

In your longing for your giant self lies your goodness: and that longing is in all of you.

But in some of you that longing is a torrent rushing with might to the sea, carrying the secrets of the hillsides and the songs of the forest.

                                                           -Kahlil Gibran 

i dunno but according to the stars between may 27 to june 3 lol obama
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