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is the one sign of the zodiac we have forgotten how to live & embody

If Taurus tunes deeper and taps the inner well creatively, she encounters a depth of reference, a range
of feeling tone previously left almost unknown. It is as though a medicinal weed that was always growing
right here is suddenly called for,
the Taurean dimension becomes our first lesson in what we are summoned to, likewise the warning to
how we can miss this call so easily. Taurus is about fostering, acknowledging self unto self,
world unto self, self unto world. Miss the first step, and all that follows is off-kilter. 

Step into a fake Earth at the Taurean stage, and all future life streams will be mere metaphors
and fantasies.

"The first kind of pluralism is deadly for religion, and is typically embraced by flaccid people who are too lazy to think or who have been seduced by postmodernist flimflam.

**** -malicious faggotry & malignant obesity = typical "educated" maggot 'progressive' (you've come a long way!) 

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