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CORRUPT salutes all trolls and suggests new topics:

* What do we do now that our air and water and earth are showing signs of cancer-inducing poisons?
* Who stands up for culture when our children are inundated in mass media?
* Why hasn't our society produced any truly great art, music or literature for fifty years?
* Why are so many people miserable, but defensive enough about it that they justify their lifestyles?
* Has mass consumption, "freedom," et al. made us happier or less happy?
* If this society has conquered nature, why do we still have crime and illogical behavior?
* If we're all equal, why do some have IQs of 100 and others of 160? Who should serve who?
* Why do we deny that the historical precedent for both democracy and pluralism is failure, tyranny and oligarchic manipulation?


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