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the neden game

in my wallet i keep this picture of two pandas
they're both sitting but not facing each other
one is leaning on the other while the other sits straight
the one leaning is chewing on a bamboo stick while the other is eating a bamboo leaf

i also have in there a coin worth 5 francs
and a green dunlop guitar pick which a friend since kindergarten gave me
he died from three kinds of cancer when he drank contaminated water from a lavatory
there was some remission ya know how a scorpio has these regenerative qualities
like they hold the secret to life and then he conked out

oh and another pic which is folded behind a folded yellow intermediate paper of goals
it's a picture of a man or woman i dunno her face is covered with twirled folded clothe
embracing a well covered baby whose body is arched outwards gasping for breath
they are both lying on the first step of a concrete stair
both dead victims of chemical weapons i'm surprised i still have it here

i don't use a pick to play guitar so the sound isn't fine
but i can pluck it with the left thumb really loud and fast
so i guess that plastic pick in the wallet is for cases like
when a friend wants to play guitar but he doesn't have a pick
or maybe he'll just use a coin because one time somebody borrowed that alligator pick
and an edge was chipped off grrr i DUNNO!

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