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oooo what's yours is mine...and what's mine is mine too

 Weev licked his knife across a dull stone, ignoring the muffled whimpering coming from his basement. The steel glistened in the dark. It had passed the stone over a thousand times, each one counted, for he had a specific sharpness in mind for his victim.
    With the task decidedly finished, he opened the door to his basement and slowly marched down the stairs. The whimpering below increased. He hit a light switch, revealing Jason naked and bound to a wooden chair. A metal rung stove sat in the corner.
    Preparing his arm, Weev walked up to the bound man and shoved a fist into his anus, all the way up to the elbow. Jason shrieked like a frightened woman.
    "What did you do?!"
    "Just taking what is mine," the troll said, retrieving a piece of shit from Jason's anus before shoving it down his mouth. "And shut the fuck up, please."
    Weev slid the blade across his new pet. Whenever it poked, Jason drooled feces from the corner of his mouth, tearfully gagged. The knife stopped at a nipple.
    "I'll take this too, I think. Claudia said only women can lactate," he explained, unsure himself, before separating the pink nub from flesh in one quick slash. Jason cried out in pained shit-spewing screams.
    The troll wiped a rogue piece of excrement from his brow and undid the ties and blindfold on Jason, then kicked the slave across the floor toward the stove. "Do you know who I am, Jason?"
    Weev lit the stove with a match and pushed Jason up against it. The troll loosened his pants and started fucking, pressing his slave's face into the burner to brand him. Jason started to scream again, and Weev knew it was getting hotter. The smell of burning shit and flesh made him thrust with an undeniable lust. It wasn't long before he had the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced, deep inside of Jason's ass hole.
    Weev pulled out and discarded Jason on the floor. "I'm going to make those flame-broiled lips suck me off after they cool down a little."
    "Why, grandfather?"
    Weev looked down at his piece of meat, and wondered what it saw in him. His answer was carefully considered, and carefully crafted.
    "I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this; shit, blood and cum on my hands."
    Jason made a face.
    Weev spit HIV on him.



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