the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

oprah is a serious problem

& this too will be the typical response in an obama regime when he inevitably fucks up:

this story is pretty much the perfect metaphor for africa: deluded do-good Westerners, lavish program designed for PR-selected chosen few, the usual black on black violence and failure of authority and oversight at the most basic levels, and a determination to go ahead with unrealistic plans while ignoring festering social problems

might as well start a finishing school there [begin speech that makes liberals cum]

100:1 she was spaced out on prescription painkillers while she read this litany of cliches

 also, "my name is on the school and the buck stops here but as an aside I had no knowledge or responsibility for this."

Hours after the bail hearing, Winfrey addressed a press conference on South African television via satellite link from her studio in Chicago in which she spoke about the incidence of sexual abuse in South Africa. A woman is raped every 40 seconds in this country of 44 million — a total of 55,000 rapes a year. Given those figures, said Winfrey, the school had measures in place to keep abusers out, but they had proved insufficient. Sexual abuse often "happens right in the family, [at the hands of] people they know and trust," she said, "and this was also the alleged case here." Though she said she was not responsible for hiring at the school, Winfrey said "the buck always stops with me."

Pretty fucking sure the measures they put in place to protect those girls was something along the lines of "don't hire men ever".  Oops, better luck next time Oprah. 

Maybe you could decrease the chances of your promising young students getting a vigorous finger fucking by opening a school in a civilized country?

don't worry, China is going to sort this shit out




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