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the pick-and-roll game


"First of all, we've been waiting for this game for the last two years," said Carmelo Anthony, one of six current U.S. players in that game with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh, of today's rematch in a Group B game.
According to the new forecast, by 2050, the number of Hispanic people will nearly triple, to 133 million from 47 million, to account for 30 percent of Americans, compared with 15 percent today.
People who say they are Asian, with their ranks soaring to 41 million from 16 million, will make up more than 9 percent of the population, up from 5 percent.
The population of people who define themselves a black is projected to rise to 66 million from 41 million, but increase its overall share by barely two percentage points, to 15 percent.
By contrast, non-Hispanic whites' share of the nation's population is projected to drop from 66 percent currently to 46 percent by 2050. Their population numbers are projected to remain stable, going from an estimated 199.8 million today, to 203.3 million by 2050.
 "Well, New York is so big," Mr. Stern said. "Because there are an awful lot of normal people in New York, they dilute the liberal strain."

"There are probably more radicals in New York than in any other city," he added. "But they're spread among a population of 8 million."

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