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what this should read is that the value of the dollar hits a new low. this is simply 100% not true, as everyone has already stated ppp plays a massive part as the US has enormous economies of scale and much lower production costs (apparently). the real problem is the tax they pay over here is inherently insane considering how expensive it is to live your daily life. it would be fine if things were subsidized properly but there is little policing aside from cameras that catch crime but not the criminal and if the criminal is caught he gets an absurdly small prison sentence if at all. public transport in London is the most expensive in the world (by a long shot) but yet is eternally delayed. the hospitals have enormous waiting lists and what i don't get is that people don't realize only 18% of america has no health coverage...a large number but far lower than people think. most people who are not covered are illegal immigrants and the stories about care being so expensive are rare

-alex, London,


I have dual citizenship! I grew up in New York & moved to London when I was 35. We raised 5 sons here. I really much prefer Britain, despite it's faults.

People are much more "a citizen of the world" here. The States is isolated & doesn't get on well with the rest of the world. There's a lot of help & support for families in the UK. Health, eye doctors & dentists free for kids & the poor.

I had cancer & had to stop working for 10 years. I didn't have to worry about my kids, the rent or anything. I had the best surgeon & consultants. Clean, modern & compassionate care - all free. The government paid our rent & supported us & our kids for many years. Now we can afford to pay some of our own way, but still get government help. We can't afford vacations or eating out every week, but we are not suffering.

I shudder to think of what our lives would have been like if I lived in the States.

-Joy Tucker, London, UK

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