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 of a “phenomenally inhuman and unconstitutional” voting record. -Sean Penn

I believe McPalin will win handily. Here are the reasons.

1) “Polls” that show Obama ahead tell a different story when internals are studied. Please see

critical thinking skills

Here’s a history lesson of ACTUAL RESULTS:

1980: Reagan 50.75%, Carter 41%, (+9.75 Reagan) Reagan won 45 states.
1984: Regan 58.77%, Mondale 40.56% (+18.21 Regan) Reagan won 49 states.
1988: Bush 53.37%, Dukakis 45.65% (+7.72 Bush) Bush won 42 states.
1992: Clinton 43.01%, Bush 37.45%, Perot 18.91% (+5.66% Clinton) Clinton won 30 states.
1996: Clinton 49.23%, Dole 40.72%, Perot 8.40% (+8.49% Clinton) Clinton won 31 states.
2000: Bush 47.87%, Gore 48.38% (Gore +0.49%) Bush won 30 states.
2004: Bush 50.73%, Kerry 48.27% (Bush +2.46%) Bush won 31 states.

NO WAY is Obama up 14 points!

2) Hillary and Bill are not acting like they want Obama to win, since she wants to run again in 2012, despite what she alludes to.

3) “Hussein” being Obama’s middle name is still news to most people.

4) A picture of Obama dressed as a Muslim (there are at least three) is still worth 1000 words (3000 in this case). Man your email station! Post bills!

5) The PUMAs who know the hows and whys of Hillary getting cheated, will vote Palin, and will pull others. Check out and

6) “Bitter ... [Gun Clingers]”, will vote McCain

7) The Palins ARE America and the conservative base. America and the conservative base will vote accordingly.

8) The NRA has “8 figures” of ads to unload in “swing” states

9) At one point, Obama was only 5 points up in New York! New York!

10) The Democrats were talking about Democratic consultants freaking out over Obama mis-managing his campaign before they settled into poll alteration.

11) The Enemedia is already spreading the meme that if Obama loses, it “is racism”. They see the tea leaves ...

12) The Media was calling the election for Kerry ELECTION MORNING in 2004, and Carter and Reagan polled evenly on election day! SOMEONE is trying to buffalo us with these polls! For more on the history of polls leaning Democrat, please see

13) McCain has only started to play the Ayers and ACORN cards. McCain has not yet played the Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Odinga, ... more at

14) Plenty of white Democratic voters are unimpressed with Obama, and will not vote for him. Democrats can’t energize their base!

15) Obama has only 60% of the Jewish vote last I checked, compared to the 75% Kerry got.

16) The Christian base that re-elected Bush in 2004, knows Sarah is more than a Sunday Christian, and is praying for her.

17) McCain opened 50 offices in California. It’s in play! It should be the bluest of the blue, and it is not.

18) Google “Bradley Effect”. Obama is getting poll votes he’ll never get on election day. PUMAs have also agreed to lie to pollsters about supporting Obama, and are encouraging others to do so.

19) Operation Chaos resulted in an overlarge quantity of Democrat registrations that will never ever vote Democratic.

20) Polls are meant by the liberal media, to SHAPE public opinion, not report it.

let's test your own critical thinking skills:



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