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Law-based first, and once that is established, culture-based.

Mexican culture is tolerant of corruption, drunkenness, crime, and also fails to instill values like education. I have no problem admitting the above-average exceptions to that rule, but in order to make that distinction we first need to start enforcing the law. Allowing an average cross-section into the country—the only option we have if we don't re-establish the rule of law—will only result in debasing our own cultural norms.

The only concern I have that would lead me to opposing all immigration from Mexico is the effect of siphoning off their best and brightest. Mexico is a beautiful country with plenty of natural resources. It would be a shame to leave it to an unproductive and corrupt government, and the people we'd want to take would be the very people best equipped to reform it from the inside.

I have a better idea: we invade Mexico, install our own government, enforce American norms on them long enough for them to develop like the South Koreans, Japanese, and Germans. -*ernunnos 

so although i hate *feignedapathy 's hippie hipster politics....he is a doormat to his friends   &     still    productive   (:Þ)

*jason & nick has administrative experience...but not the dumb nigger

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