the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

please guess the guest

It is to remember that the day has its shadows
and the night its brilliant lights, and to pick out the good
which is often found in evil and to avoid the evil which
can mingle with the good.

Only man is capable of a sublime sentiment which makes him
choose his companion and tempers the carnal appetites by
the most absolute devotion. This sentiment is called love.

In men as in women, the allurement of the senses does not
deserve the name of love: it resembles the rut in animals.
Libertines, both male and female, are brute beasts.

Love gives an intuition of the absolute to the human soul,
because it is absolute itself. It does not exist otherwise.
When love reveals itself in a great soul, it is eternity which is

Now, God who is infinite can only be loved by man by means
of an intermediary. He causes Himself to be loved by the man
in the woman and by the woman in the man. That is why the
honour and happiness of those whom we love imparts to us
divine grandeur and bliss.

When we love, we see the infinite in the finite. We find the
Creator in the creature. When we are the objects of love,
we are representatives of God; His ambassadors to a certain soul,
fully empowered to grant it paradise on earth.

God reveals Himself to man, in man and by man.

Let us love God in one another, for God will never show Himself
to us except in one another. Everything lovable about us
comes from God in us. God is all there is to be loved, and it is
only God whom one loves when one knows how to love truly.

God is light.


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