the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

"Where, once, gayness trumped class, now the reverse is true"

Take a look at the gay press. " the glories of anal and oral sexualism..which in the larger scheme of things...have no worth..except to the homosexuals themselves. "

Where was their compassion for us?

Schock drew mixed reaction in late July 2008 when he brought George W. Bush to Peoria to raise money for the congressional campaign. The city of Peoria provided 38 police officers, 30 city trucks for temporary security barriers, and a number of firefighters, spending $38,252 to facilitate the visit, even though it was a private, paid-admission fundraiser. When requests to compensate the city increased, Schock called it "obviously a political move" and compared the issue to Barack Obama's endorsement of another state senator on the courthouse steps a few years before, which the city did not request compensation for.[13] A city councilman cited an ordinance against political activity by the city, but the mayor of Peoria said the ordinance didn't apply, and also called the requests "political rhetoric". Schock later said he would reimburse the city voluntarily, referring to payment for presidential protection as "unprecedented".[14]

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