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lol... she can always fly in the roflcopter


some golden comments:

[A woman is like a dog, if they misbehave its not their fault its yours [husbands] for not training her right. You can' t blame her, just the same as you can't blame your dog. ]

[As they say in cantonese Oy vay! lol ]

[This lady flipping out made my day. She flipped the fuck out. Next time she will be on time. ]

[This always happens in China.]

[I missed a flight once, but all I did was scowl and glare. I'm so trying this next time. ]

[**Takes a break** have a kitkat ]

*future reaction of all obamamorons who voted for change -in 4 years they're all out of work -in 8 years they'd be lucky to still be living

"I have yet to hear any of the climate-change doomsayers explain why global warming is a bad thing.

The way I see it we get giant trees, dinosaurs, and a lot more arable land."


Tags: hissy fit

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