the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

last as long as you can, my man

cold cantaloupes and succulent double you(s)

Damn, I wish I could be a shogun samurai
So I can swing a sword.. and make necks fly
I'd go to school.. and ninja crawl through the halls
Then.. I'd jump out and stab bitches in the balls
Cuz I remember these kids from the playground
Everybody'd hang around.. we were all down
But then we grew up and everybody turned away
And now they dissin me, yellin "Fuck Nerdy J"
It's sad to think.. of how it changed as I got older
As I sit.. and draw a ninja on my folder uh
What I would do if I only had a ninja sword
You'd see blood start flingin on the chalk board
I'd tell the whole class.. nobody move a jiggle
First one to do.. I'll make your fuckin neck wiggle
Everyone would start jockin.. the news would take my picture~
Damn, I wish I could be a ninja

Damn, it'd feel good to see people up on it
After I was done.. killing all the yuppie fucks
All the poor kids would come and swing from my nuts
And I would walk home feeling like a samurai
I'd walk in the house.. and see my momma cry
I'd ask why, she'd point to my drunk pops
He tried to hit her again.. but that shit stops
I kick him in his throat, you hear his neck break
I throw a roundhouse, and knock his beard off his face
I'd tell him, "Dad, now look at all these broken glass
Why don't you pick it all up.. and stick it in your ass?"
I watch him do it, now hurry up.. you take forever
When he was done, I'd squeeze his butt cheeks together
Now get the fuck out my house, never come back
I throw a Chinese star and stick him in his ass crack
I turn to my mother, "I'm sorry that he hit ya"
Damn, I wish I could be a ninja

Damn, it'd feel good to see people up on it
If I could be a ninja, my daddy'd be dead
But.. I still gotta go to work and pay the rent
I flip french fries.. for two twenty-five
Mr. Donny works here, he's fuckin forty-five
But he think he the shit cuz he the boss
I guess he don't know.. that his life is a loss
I walk in, about 5 minutes late
Cuz I was trying to clean the blood off my ninja blade
So Mr. Donny wanna try and get up in my face
Screaming at me, sweatin over this place
Mad cuz I'm late, he's no better than me
Just another bitch working for next to free
I thought about taking.. my ninja steel
And cuttin up his body and fry him on the grill
But he's too fuckin whack and I can kill this bitch
And I don't even need to be a ninja

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