the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

Condensed Version

"The Blue Faction consists of the Universalist Progressive (formerly Protestant) power centers: Most of the bureaucracy (but especially the State Department), the Education and University System, Mainstream Journalism (give Walter Lippman a go sometime, it's eye-opening), and the NGOs....essentially, the Clerisy.

The Red Faction consists of the more conservative power centers: the Military/Pentagon (the real source of actual US sovereignty, which, because of its usual alignment with the Red Faction is actually the only thing which keeps the Red Faction politically viable in the power struggle), Revivalist (Pentacostal, et al.) Churches, the remnants of the traditional bourgeosie, and an assortment of old-timers and other traditionalists.

Wall Street switches sides opportunistically, but has traditionally been aligned more strongly with the Blue Faction, since that's where the easy money is. The Blue Faction, as the Inner Party, wins most conflicts between the two...but not always. The history of the USA is the tale of the ascendency of the Blue Faction. Sometimes the Red Faction wins a battle or two (such as when Reagan drove a stake through the heart of the Soviet Union...the mother of all Blue Faction client states), but that's typically the exception.

At the moment, however, we're seeing all the major vertices of the Blue Faction power structure failing under the stress of their own success in the face of a cold, hard reality and numerous subversive work-arounds (IntarWebz, anyone?), and that's very interesting. It'll be curious to see if, as we face the ultimate results and failure of our ossified Brezhnevian politico-economic order, whether we get our own Gorbachev (and ultimately, Putin), or fall into chaos, or something else entirely."

** There are abandoned cities in the Mayan jungle from pre-Columbian days.

** Suppose by hard work, clean living, and wise voting, the citizens of a country raise their standard of living 10% higher than the world average. Lots of people will want to move there, and with open borders, they'll be able to. The new immigrants will enjoy the benefits for a short time, but they won't contribute to the effort. (If they were that type, they could have raised their own country up instead of just moving.) They'll just drag the standard of living back down.

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