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genetic potential

The limitations imposed by the genetic constitution (genotype) of a person.


A person's characteristics are determined by an interplay between genes (the carriers of inherited information) and environment. Genetic endowment predisposes a person to exhibit certain behaviours, inclines a person to put on or lose weight, and sets the ultimate limit to physical and intellectual potential. Genetic endowment is believed to be the most important single factor in determining fitness potential: the type of muscle fibre, capacity to respond to training; and physical traits, such as heart size, are all largely determined by inheritance. However, this is not a recipe for complacency if you are genetically well endowed, or despondency if you have a poor inheritance. Very few individuals achieve their full physical potential; realization of that potential depends on what each individual does during his or her life. People with a low genetic potential for fitness may become fitter than those who are well endowed, by training harder; people with a genetic predisposition to obesity may still maintain a healthy body weight by sensible eating, but they may have to work harder to achieve their goals.


The genes a person inherits from parents. Genes affect physical and physiological characteristics such as body build, cardiovascular traits, the proportion of different types of muscle fibre, and the capacity to improve physical fitness with training. It has been estimated that genetic factors account for 94% of the variance in physical characteristics and maximum aerobic capacity.

Improving health by helping people achieve their genetic potential through nutrition.

Athletic records are broken year after year, and the limits of human performance continue to be debated. Just as soon as we think something can’t be done, someone comes along and shows us that it indeed can be done. There was a time when no one thought a human could run a four-minute mile

 Most physiologists agree that the current limits have to do with our genetics – specifically genes that regulate our cardiovascular endurance and muscle fiber type, but some factors are much more variable. Things like nutrition, motivation, environment and advances in equipment (running shoes, swim suits, skis, bicycles) all allow for dramatic improvements in athletic performance. 

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